Moving Forward Together

Newport Beach is a community unlike any other.  It is an honor to serve in a community that one cannot help but cherish. 

As part of that service, we have worked tirelessly to justify and earn your continued support, support that has resulted in striking accomplishments for our City:

  • saving the City $45,000,000 in interest payments and reducing unfunded pension liability;
  • achieving historic levels of safety and security;
  • expanding infrastructure improvements;
  • pushing traffic mitigation efforts;
  • reducing over 20,000 words of bureaucracy and regulation;
  • and a host of others

---all without a single tax increase. But our work isn't finished. We must continue to care for our city's physical and mental health in the midst of this pandemic and accompanying government lockdown orders. And with your support, we will secure our City's bright present, and ensure an even brighter future.