Help Re-Elect Will O'Neill 2020

We have worked hard these past years to justify your support.  Since taking office, we have seen the unfunded pension liability decreasing. As our City's Finance Committee Chairman, it was a good feeling when we recommended a plan to reduce the liability completely in fifteen years using a plan that will save approximately $45,000,000 in interest - a plan that does not increase the budget above what we have anticipated.

Newport Beach also excels at keeping our streets safe and secure.  2018 was historic on that front.  Our Newport Beach Police Department deserves accolades. We are justifiably proud to provide them with enough resources to see a major crime reduction while also balancing our budget toward surpluses.
We have expanded infrastructure improvement for roads/street lights/fire stations.  We sued the FAA and won. We appealed a FEMA flood map plan and saved our residents an estimated $10MM/year.
We have invested in traffic mitigation efforts to combat our neighboring cities' explosive growth.  Road repair, water and sewer improvements, and core infrastructure are ahead of schedule.  We fixed a nagging sewer deferred maintenance issue and will be rolling out a new water master plan this year.


We have added another school resource officer to our high schools and middle schools.  And we have deleted a total of forty-eight City Council policies, which decreased our bureaucracy by 108 pages and over twenty-one thousand words.

And the list goes on and on – without a single tax increase on it.

Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope to earn your support.



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