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O’Neill for City Council 2020

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  • Juli Marracino
    commented 2023-07-01 17:39:43 -0700
    Dear Will,

    Hoping you can help….

    I have been a Resident and Business Owner in NB for 13 years. Recently we had to be out of Country for some months due to helping a family member in need…

    We’ve come back to NB looking for places to lease with Irvine Company. I have a perfect rent record with them for 12 years…

    Due to Covid forcing me to close my business, and suffering the financial recovery, my Credit wasn’t great. I have a Co Guarantor with Credit over 800 and 30 years of successful Business backed by Dun and Bradstreet, and we have been denied with the reason being “not enough credit”. I have given Bank Statements proving I can cover a full year in cash, etc… Now they tell me they’ll approve me for Newport Ridge, but not Promontory Point.

    Newport Ridge has a long history of plumbing issues, mold issues, etc. We don’t want our family to be in that environment. We want to move in to Promontory, close to my family and walking distance to necessities as I have issues of impaired vision to drive.

    We feel discriminated and can’t understand how Irvine Company will approve us for one property, but not another .

    The person we have been dealing with is Jocelyn Zaragoza. She tells us she answers to someone named Stephanie.

    Will, you can look up my business record of reputation in my City of Newport and the fact that I am very involved in our Community. I am a member of NBFD C.E.R.T, we are a family of Creed in Christ and we work with groups to help traumatized children and victims of Human Trafficking . Would you please look into this for us? We have been literally stuck at the Marriott Bayview, not being allowed to lease a place we desire, move our things out of Storage and secure our family and our ministry.

    I need my home to my home again.

    Our application has exemplary financial back up from our Co-Guarantor and his Corporate Leasing ability.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but this is unjust, and unethical to tell us we only can lease at Newport Ridge.

    As I said, I have issues driving and we need to be centered in Newport to continue not only our family life, but our calling to serve as well.

    We were very disturbed to be in another leasing office overhearing some people not only not from our State, but our Country having no issues at all to move in to another Irvine Company Property. They had no history of employment in the U.S., no Credit established in the U.S., yet they were approved.

    What’s going on?

    Please do look up the comments and reviews on my business and myself as a NB Resident and proud Citizen.

    Sweet Skin Studio Corona Del Mar.

    Juliann Marracino

    Thank you so much.

    Praying you can look into this and help somehow.
  • K R
    commented 2023-05-11 10:45:58 -0700
    Please use your influence and authority to permanently remove the many homeless encampments in Newport Beach. Specifically at the sidewalks and bus stop near the Newport Beach Civic Center, as well as everywhere else. I understand you have the power to accomplish this and we all are looking forward to you using your authority, ability and influence to use all means to permanently change this as our elected official. Make camping out illegal unless a campground where people pay to stay. Make sleeping on the public and private property illegal. Thank you!
  • Jason Uhl
    commented 2022-10-05 02:16:08 -0700
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  • Claudia Carbonell
    commented 2022-08-09 15:25:21 -0700
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  • Lisa Cope
    commented 2022-06-07 12:14:46 -0700
    I am following your voting guide but I don’t see who to vote for Sec of State or Ins Com
  • Jason Uhl
    commented 2022-04-22 02:35:57 -0700
    Hi! I’m in your area and would be happy to visit your business and submit a bid for your recurring weekly (or more) janitorial and disinfection needs.

    Would you like to compare pricing on your office cleaning service?

    I’d be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your facilities cleaning.

    Please simply respond and I will send next steps.



    Jason Uhl


    System4 Facility Services

    (619) 494-3967

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  • Anonymous
    commented 2022-02-10 13:21:46 -0800
  • Emma White
    commented 2022-02-01 04:20:57 -0800

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  • karen buckner
    commented 2021-11-19 11:41:14 -0800
    Will, I got a call this morning saying there are forces that are trying to divide OC into San Diego and Los Angles counties. Is this true?
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  • Cindy Bishop
    commented 2021-07-22 09:58:42 -0700
    Hello Mr. O’Neill, please help defend our right to say no to Covid 19 vaccine! Especially for those who have already had Covid 19 and recovered! This experimental Covid 19 vaccine is not a one size fits all!! Please defend our children too from having this vaccine being mandatory for in-person attendance for school. Let the decision whether to vaccinate or not be between the patient and his /her physician!!
  • Sean McDonald
    commented 2021-06-14 11:55:16 -0700
    Hello Mr. O’Neill,

    I am a resident on the Balboa Peninsula. I want to thank you for taking the time to hear me. We have been having two issues down here.

    First, many construction workers continue to park in the alley and leave their cars there all day. This causes issues when I want to come and go from my own home, and have to track down people to move their vehicles.

    Second, no one is ticketing for street sweeping down here and residents are getting wise. Many residents are not moving their cars for street sweeping, causing our street to fill with trash. With it being so busy down here now, we desperately need our streets cleaned to rid us of the disgusting amounts of trash people leave behind. Today my neighbor found two dirty diapers in her yard.

    I feel these are easy money for the city and you can easily use the money from the tickets to pay the person who is ticketing. I called the police to report a car sitting in front of my house for a week, and they didn’t even come. Car is still there, no ticket, street still dirty. I am only asking for you to enforce laws that we have in this city.

    Thank you for your time.


    Sean McDonald
  • Jay Smith
    commented 2021-02-23 11:46:37 -0800
    Will, just heard u on KFI. You speak well. If u r against illegal immigration and can articulate that position as well as u articulated the “behested payments” issue, I urge u to seek a large political office. J. Smith, Laguna Beach
  • Robert Schuchman
    commented 2020-12-18 14:22:01 -0800
    Dear Mr. Governor, ooops… excuse me. Mr. Mayor when will announce your candidacy for governor of California? We need to remove that nuisance in Sacramento.
  • Cheryl Kelly
    commented 2020-12-05 13:50:11 -0800
    Mayor O’Neill,

    Please don’t shut us down in Orange County! This is insane what the Governor is doing to our citizens, especially those losing businesses right now. There is no valid reason for this over reach!! Our businesses are the life blood of the economy! Please stand up for us and keep us open!
  • F C
    commented 2020-11-16 20:55:27 -0800
    Mayor O’Neill, PLEASE do not submit to the warden’s temper tantrum. Our city and citizens cannot survive perpetual lockdowns. To be a healthy vibrant society, all business must be essential, including the right to worship and exercise, and our kids MUST be in school.
  • gabriel krstanovic
    commented 2020-11-14 01:30:48 -0800
    Dear Mayor, my name is gabriel krstanovic and i was approached by office of mayor in Croatia, Europe asking for possible meeting in california regarding possible cooperation when it comes to turisam and other business investments. Let us know when can we set up the meeting. Thank you
  • John Cecil
    commented 2020-10-22 12:43:10 -0700
    Hi will – what is your position on banning bikes on the boardwalks? I own an electric bike store on Balboa Island and would welcome the opportunity to have you over to learn more about the bikes and the safety measures we have in place – john Cecil
  • Alfred Landolph
    commented 2020-10-18 12:56:01 -0700
  • Cari Rofsky
    commented 2020-09-03 10:35:31 -0700
    I’m a business owner in Newport Beach. Please close the beaches this weekend so that we don’t have to close our hair salon again due to Covid numbers. We can’t sustain another shut down. We are begging you.

    Salon Luxe

    472 old Newport Blvd

    Newport Beach
  • Suzanne Wessman
    commented 2020-08-09 14:46:46 -0700
    Hi Will. We’re big fans and want you to be Senator and/Gov of Calif! 😄 I’m writing tho to see if you can move the homeless woman with mental issues from the Balboa Island Ferry platform (500 So. Bayfront) where she’s been living for months and smoking and storage all of her belongings which has grown to about 8’ of space! She lays across the entire benches and smokes and locks herself in the public bathrooms, completely ruining the area for tourists as well as locals everyday! The new owners of the balboa store are super frustrated as she scares off business . Please help. Thank you, Suzanne
  • Jude Luttrell
    commented 2020-07-15 12:20:57 -0700
    Seriously Newport Beach!! You must demand that your citizens wear masks, keep social distancing etc. NOW. We are all suffering from this virus and if this cavalier attitude persists we’ll all be down for the count. Come take a look at a friends fingers and toes that have to be removed due to being on a ventilator; the long after-effects once the virus is gone from the body or rather “appears” to be gone.

    We are stunned up here in Los Angeles by the elitist attitude that because NB is a wealthy community the virus will not venture into their bodies!!

    WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER means just this and if you are not paying heed to the periphery of people with whom each of us comes in contact then I don’t know what planet you are living on.

    I am from the OC and really ashamed. Btw, so are many of my Republican friends who live down there and are so very frustrated by the lack of guidance and leadership.

  • Valerie Schnieders
    commented 2020-07-01 15:40:43 -0700
    Just wanted to make a small correction to your bio. You are in fact tied for the youngest mayor of Newport Beach. My father Norman Miller, was mayor of Newport Beach in 1954 at the age of 32.
  • John Patterson
    commented 2020-06-30 09:26:38 -0700
    Count on my support.
  • Mike Caswell
    commented 2020-05-02 18:22:02 -0700
    Mr. O’Neil,

    Thank you very much for your perspective and factual approach to dealing with the pandemic and its associated problems. Years ago, there was a saying, “figures lie, and liars figure”! This is very fitting for Ken doll Newsom, who is taking himself way too seriously, and obviously envisioning himself as an all knowing (vindictive) dictator.

    People will take care of themselves and their families, without sequestration.

    Everyday, we are challenged more and more to keep positive and know that Christmas will come again.

    You are absolutely correct in your position, my family and I admire your bravery! Thank you!

    Mike C.
  • Donald Thomas
    commented 2020-05-02 12:19:02 -0700
    Having lived in Newport Beach for almost 50 years (recently fled to Idaho), I thank you for your stance on the beach. The governor is playing politics and has no right to close the beach when people are abiding with law and sitting apart. He is part of a movement bent on destroying our economy.
  • Virginia Gonzales
    commented 2020-05-02 12:08:53 -0700
    Loved seeing you on Tucker Carlson. We need more leaders like you. As a former Californian for 34 years I’m happy to support you. Thank you for standing up for the truth!
  • Nicole Reynolds
    commented 2020-05-02 08:58:23 -0700
    Thank you for standing strong against the Governor regarding the Beach Closures! If I can help in any way, please let me know. You have my support!
  • George Melahoures
    commented 2020-05-01 21:30:54 -0700
    Saw you on Tucker Carlson’s show and was very impressed. I say you should open the beaches and let Newsom whine. Don’t listen to the liberal hippies here like Sonja Robinson and James Smith sending you messages. They’ve done enough damage to this once great state. They always claim they’re backed by science even when it’s contradicting them.
  • Richard McGinty
    commented 2020-05-01 21:26:39 -0700
    Aloha Mayor O`Neill…I loved your interview with Tucker!…I`m on Oahu, but have friends in New Port Beach and love the entire Huntington Big Town VS Newport Small Town thing!!! …so much fun to visit!!! Please keep homeless out of there…Please don`t let people crap on the streets…so disgusting…

    I used to go there every summer…Please don`t let it become a Shit Hole!