Keeping Newport Safe

Newport Beach is an undeniably safe City.  Even before we compare ourselves to other cities that don’t see 8-10 million people vacation here, we can be proud that arrests have increased and crime has decreased every year during my first term on City Council. 

We have also followed through on my campaign promise to get back to basics on our infrastructure, especially our aging fire stations.  It looked like the Corona del Mar Fire Station and Library were going to be put on the back burner when I joined our Council.  But I fought for a speedy replacement of this aging and well-used building.

In 2019, we cut the ribbon on the replacement of the nearly 60-year-old Corona del Mar Fire Station and a vastly improved branch library. 

We have also approved the designs for the next fire station replacement near Lido that was built in 1953. 

We are doing all of this with funds carefully built up over years by this and previous Councils while building up those same funds for future Councils to use. No debt incurred, no taxes raised.