Thank you for donating to O'Neill for City Council 2020!  

Contributions to O'Neill for City Council 2020 are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. Business and personal checks are acceptable. Contribution limits are $1,200 per person or company. A married couple can contribute up to $2,400 by either sending individually signed checks or by both signing one check from a joint checking account. Contributions must be from the donor’s own funds and may not be reimbursed. This committee does not solicit and cannot accept contributions in excess of applicable limits or from prohibited sources.

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Who's donating

Diane Daruty
Briana Vartanian
Nicholas Rigali
Danielle Rigali
Cindy Dillion
Greg Dillion
Keith Carlson
Samantha Mcclellan
Gregory Smith
James Papazis
David Bahnsen
Jake & Stephanie Janz
Thomas Purcell
Austin Lumbard
William Johns
Ton Tucker
Nicholas Prytherch
Joseph Stapleton
George Bravante
Don Yahn
Dalia Lugo
Michael Lugo
Chris Bergen
Roverta Fesler
Marice DePasquale
judith Ware
Teresa Hernandez
Ryan Williams
Don Yahn